Edit a race map on Runkeeper simply by droping a gpx file.

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Editing a race map, one click away

Being a fan of Runkeeper since a while I was annoyed by their race map creation workflow. You have to provide the race map and this is possible only by manually setting points. This can take minutes if not hours for some races and it can be hard to be precise (e.g. trail races anybody?).

The little hacker deep inside me kept urging me to have a try fixing this. Here comes my bookmarklet.

Drag and drop the following link in your bookmarks. Next time you want to edit a race on Runkeeper, simply click this bookmark and a small box asking you to provide a gpx file will appear. Drag and drop the race file and the process will start. This can take a while depending on your browser and available resources as everything is done in the browser. Nothing is sent or tracked from this bookmarklet. The code is open feel free to check.

Note this was purposed for race maps at first but it actually works for any activity map found on Runkeeper.

Tracks and routes gpx formats are supported.



Support or Contact

Having trouble? Ping me directly on twitter (@jacqueminv) or fill an issue on github.